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László Gáspár: The Natural Historical Antecedents of Education the Oretical Pedagogical Essay By

The four-part essay deals with the natural historical antecedents of education from a theoretical pedagogical point of view. The first part is a methodological introduction, in which the author justifies why and in what connection he tries to find the antecedents of education between the evulution of primates and antropogenesis. The second parts evaluates the main stages of the evolution of primates (forest, forest-field and field way of living); and their biosocializational consequences. The third part surveys the vital activites of prehistoric man and the ancestor of modern man; as well as the developing process of the early models of education. The forth part comprises some general and pedagogical conclusions drawn from the analysis.

MAGYAR PEDAGÓGIA 95. Number 1-2. 27-48. (1995)

Levelezési cím / Address for correspondence: Gáspár László, H–5600 Békéscsaba, Szőlő u. 60/1.


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