Established in 2003, the Center for Research on Learning and Instruction is primarily engaged in carrying out practice-oriented research informed by the results of the MTA-SZTE Research Group on the Development of Competencies. By working in close collaboration with the Institute of Education, University of Szeged, its major objectives are:

To establish and maintain long-term cooperation between researchers and schools involved in utilizing the research results;

To involve professionals in the ongoing research programs;

To facilitate the widespread dissemination of results;

To bridge the gap between research and practice, to facilitate the implementation of research results into school practice ;

To set up a common framework for research and education.


Szeged Center for Research on Learning and Instruction
Address: 32-34 Petőfi Sándor sgt., Szeged, H-6722
Phone: +36 62 544 354 Fax: +36 62 544 354