Previous major research projects

Knowledge of the school (1995-1999)
The research program at the school acquired knowledge of the structure, quality, aimed at exploring the applicability of the science and mathematics. 
Literacy in schools (1999-2002) 
The extension of earlier studies conducted in human subjects and the social sciences field. 
Skills survey of the development (1997-1999) 
A series of surveys designed to assess the development of capacity in some key national representative sample of the results provide a reference point for future studies. The assessment of foreign language capability (2000-2002) Two national representative survey of students in English and German language skills test. 
PREFER A further development, a research team led by staff members completed a differentiated system ". The team is the ongoing investigations is an important tool. 
Complex problem solving (1999-2003)
A problem-solving thinking as the ability to apply knowledge and understanding transzfejének ability of various surveys, the students examine a complex problem-solving skills. 
The development of analogical thinking (1999-2003) 
The teaching of biology related to the program developer to develop, test and assess effectiveness. 
Self-regulated learning (1999-2004) 
The interpretation of self-regulated learning, various surveys of the development and exploration of factors determining the effectiveness of learning.