Completed project

Developing Diagnostic Assessments (2009-2020)

The eDia online assessment system has been built and developed by the Centre for Research on Learning and Instruction, University of Szeged. The principal function for which the system is designed is to provide regular diagnostic information in three main domains of education, reading, mathematics, and science, from the beginning of schooling to the end of the 6 years of primary education. In its present form, the eDia system is an integrated assessment system that is based on sophisticated frameworks and supports assessment processes from item development through test administration and data analyses to well-interpretable feedback (see Csapó and Molnár, 2019).

Knowledge of the school (1995-1999)
The research program at the school acquired knowledge of the structure, quality, aimed at exploring the applicability of the science and mathematics. 
Literacy in schools (1999-2002) 
The extension of earlier studies conducted in human subjects and the social sciences field. 
Skills survey of the development (1997-1999) 
A series of surveys designed to assess the development of capacity in some key national representative sample of the results provide a reference point for future studies. The assessment of foreign language capability (2000-2002) Two national representative survey of students in English and German language skills test. 
PREFER A further development, a research team led by staff members completed a differentiated system ". The team is the ongoing investigations is an important tool. 
Complex problem solving (1999-2003)
A problem-solving thinking as the ability to apply knowledge and understanding transzfejének ability of various surveys, the students examine a complex problem-solving skills. 
The development of analogical thinking (1999-2003) 
The teaching of biology related to the program developer to develop, test and assess effectiveness. 
Self-regulated learning (1999-2004) 
The interpretation of self-regulated learning, various surveys of the development and exploration of factors determining the effectiveness of learning.