Teaching and Learning

Programme director: Prof. Benő Csapó, DSc

Institute of Education

H-6722 Szeged, Petőfi sgt. 30-34.

Phone/Fax: 36-62-420-034

E-mail: csapo@edpsy.u-szeged.hu


Research programmes

A  The development of cognitive skills and competencies

(a) Identifying and describing the structure of cognitive skills

(b) Developmental processes of cognitive skills


B  The organisation of students' knowledge and indicators of its quality

(a) Complex problem solving, application, and transfer of knowledge

(b) Probabilistic and correlational reasoning in science and social studies

(c) Problems of the development of mathematical reasoning

(d) The role of inductive and analogical reasoning in acquiring knowledge

(e) Conceptual understanding, conceptual development, and conceptual change

(f) Affective factors of learning, motivational processes, self-regulated learning


C  Developing students' skills and competencies

(a) Developing communication skills through teaching content

(b) Devising training programmes for students with developmental problems


D  Teaching methods for improving the quality of knowledge (understanding and transferability)

(a) Problem Based Learning

(b) Content Based Language Learning

(c) Using cognitive maps to improve semantic organisation

(d) Meta-cognition

(e) Group work and collaborative learning